Why Experience is Important

The computer has changed everything. Information is accessible across state lines in seconds. Government agencies, universities, private citizens and businesses can now run a search through public and private databases. To make matters more complicated, private corporations are in the business of gathering data as to civil judgments and criminal convictions from court houses across the United States. This is a brand new business that has only come into being in the last 15 years, so it is difficult to tell who has access to what. Twenty-first century employers are reluctant to hire people who are going to increase their insurance costs or make their business liable to suit.

Criminal convictions can make it difficult for individuals to gain employment or to develop their abilities. The prosecutorial system is predatory. It can cripple people for life. By restricting access to jobs and education, criminal convictions saddle citizens with burdens they must carry their entire lives. A criminal conviction in the 21st century, where everything is on the computer and anyone can find it, is a big deal.

ONLY YOU CAN ASK QUESTIONS. You must inquire into an attorney’s years of experience and knowledge of defending people accused of crimes through successful handling of jury trials. A lawyer who hasn’t obtained not-guilty verdicts through jury trial is not your best advocate. No lawyer who hasn’t prevailed at jury trials just “gets good deals”. You are not an effective negotiator if you cannot effectively put up a fight in court.

When you hire a criminal defense lawyer, your advocate should be an attorney specializing in defending people accused of crimes. You are the accused, not a criminal.

There are a lot of lawyers. You need an advocate. Criminal law is a high stakes, complex, constantly changing area of practice. The days of hiring a lawyer who takes your case simply to gain courtroom experience are long gone. The potential consequences to criminal defendants are simply too overwhelming to allow the defense of accused persons to function as an educational experience for inexperienced lawyers.

A criminal case directly impacts a defendant’s life for years. THIS IS YOUR LIFE. Hire an experienced specialist in defending the accused against criminal charges.

There is no effective “expungement” of a criminal record. The time to avoid a criminal record is at the time you are charged with the offense. To do that you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Mike Wood provides an aggressive defense for real people.

Mike Wood Law Office

Mr. Wood can practice law in any county in Idaho and is an experienced attorney in all elements of criminal law. To make an appointment please call (208) 736-8190.

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Actively practicing criminal defense in American Falls, Boise, Blackfoot, Burley, Driggs, Gooding, Hailey, Idaho Falls, Jerome, Malad City, Mountain Home, Pocatello, Rigby, Rexburg, Shoshone, and Twin Falls, among others.

Mike Wood's Law Office
Mr. Wood’s office is on the second floor of the old Times News building in Twin Falls, Idaho. An appointment would be appreciated and would add to your convenience.
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Criminal Defense Specialist

• Criminal Jury Trials
• Criminal Appeals
• Felony and Misdemeanor Defense
• Juvenile criminal charges
• Domestic violence
• Lewd and Lascivious charges (L&L)
• Internet sex offenses
• DUI, DWI, and Driving Without Privileges (DWP)
• Traffic violations of all kinds
• Weapons charges
• Theft
• Sex crimes
• Probation violations
• Drug crime defense
• Illegal search and seizure
• Interstate drug arrests and forfeiture
• Violent crimes
• Vehicular homicide and manslaughter